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Voltec Solar

Organisation Introduction

Established in 2009, Voltec Solar stands as a pioneering force in solar panel manufacturing. As a family-run business in Dinsheim-sur-Bruche, we are dedicated to advancing energy solutions and contributing to regional growth. Our team of over a hundred professionals employs cutting-edge machinery from leading European technologies, ensuring superior quality and durability in every solar panel produced. Innovation is our hallmark, with a focus on non-destructive cell cutting, LID loss reduction, and optimized electrical architecture in DUALLPV modules. Supported by a committed research team, projects like the Gigafactory and perovskite/silicon tandem exemplify our vision for an inclusive and sustainable energy transition. At Voltec Solar, we are not just a company; we are architects of a brighter energy future, committed to innovation and ecological progress.


Voltec Solar’s decision to participate in the SPHINX project aligns seamlessly with our strategic objectives and long-term vision. Scientifically and technologically, our focus on improved encapsulants and optical innovations ensures durability, efficiency and longer lifetime of IPV products. Economically, our involvement facilitates the production of affordable IPV products, supporting the solarization of existing buildings and contributing to global leadership. Our lightweight PV modules, designed in collaboration with Heliup, offer energy solutions with low environmental impact, leading to significant growth and new partnerships. In the car park segment, the integration of semi-transparent PV aligns with market demands, while noise barriers present an innovative solution for enhanced energy production. The environmental impact is substantial, contributing to increased renewable electricity generation and a reduction in CO2 emissions. Societally, SPHINX promotes responsible land usage and fosters social acceptance for (B)IPV, emphasizing the advantages of synchronizing consumption and production. Our active engagement in the project positions us as key contributors to Europe’s (B)IPV value chain, promoting a sustainable economy and achieving autonomy in electricity production. Overall, SPHINX enables us to innovate, thrive economically, and make a lasting impact on environmental and societal fronts.

Involvement in SPHINX?

In the SPHINX project, Voltec Solar is instrumental in integrating and validating SPHINX products. Collaborating with other industrials, they leverage extensive experience in successful PV installations for demonstrations. With 13 years in commercializing PV products, Voltec Solar incorporates SPHINX semi-transparent modules. Teaming up with CSEM, they design bifacial modules optimized for carport integration, addressing industrial constraints, ensuring compatibility with various cell types. Testing and validation occur on Fraunhofer-ISE line and Voltec Solar production lines, emphasizing accelerated aging test and field assessments. Aesthetic considerations cover both front and rear sides for a homogeneous appearance, meeting user requirements in carport settings.

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“The SPHINX project is a pivotal initiative for Voltec Solar, enabling us to advance the forefront of (B)IPV technology. Through collaborative research and development, we are committed to delivering innovative and sustainable energy solutions, reinforcing our position as leaders in the solar industry.”

Project progress

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