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Organisation Introduction

SOPREMA’s products and services aim to meet the needs of construction’s most demanding professionals with regard to waterproofing of roof-terraces, civil engineering works, insulation, covering, lighting, green roofs and reinforced membranes for swimming pools.

Thanks to its more than 100-years-of specialisation in the manufacturing and the development of waterproofing complexes, SOPREMA is able to offer original, high-performing and high technology solutions to response to specific challenges from the construction, civil engineering, hydraulic works and swimming pools sectors. Thanks to continuous optimization by the R&D departments based on eco-design rules, SOPREMA’s waterproofing systems today provide outstanding performance in terms of resistance, reliability and durability.


Our company enthusiastically joined the SPHINX project as it aligns seamlessly with our core objectives of fostering innovation and advancing cutting-edge technologies. Participating in SPHINX allows us to collaborate with leading experts and organizations, contributing to a collaborative ecosystem that accelerates research and development.

Furthermore, the project provides a unique opportunity to enhance our technological capabilities, gain insights into emerging trends, and establish our position as a forward-thinking industry leader. By actively engaging in SPHINX, we aim to not only stay at the forefront of innovation but also contribute meaningfully to solving challenges that have broader societal impact. This initiative aligns with our mission to create positive change through technological advancements and reinforces our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in our domain.

Involvement in SPHINX?

Soprema will help to find a roof to install the new PV panel at the end of the project.

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“We aim to contribute transformative solutions that not only elevate our industry standing but also resonate with our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology for the benefit of our diverse customer base.”

Project progress

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