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M10 Industries AG

Organisation Introduction

M10, a pioneering equipment manufacturer with three decades of expertise in interconnection automation for solar cells, emerged from a lineage of successful companies. Steeped in a rich history, our commitment to innovation led us to specialize in shingling technology. At the forefront of this transformative shift is our groundbreaking machine, SURFACE. With unparalleled capabilities, SURFACE can seamlessly interconnect up to 12,000 solar cells per hour, revolutionizing the solar energy landscape. M10, driven by a passion for progress, continues to shape the future of sustainable energy through cutting-edge solutions in solar module manufacturing.


When envisioning solutions, our gaze extends far into the future, anticipating what tomorrow’s—rather than today’s—products might be. Through collaborative research initiatives like SPHINX, we engage with leading scientific institutions and innovative companies to pioneer such advancements. In the rapidly expanding photovoltaics market, SPHINX beckons us to contribute to the creation of an entirely novel product category: building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV). These panels demand heightened flexibility in format, shading resilience, and aesthetics. We’re particularly delighted that the consortium recognizes our core technology—shingle solar cell interconnection—as the distinctive feature for BIPV products. Joining this exhilarating developmental journey is not just an opportunity; it’s our imperative contribution to the revival of the European PV industry.

Involvement in SPHINX?

M10 excels in smartly linking manufacturing equipment using Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). In the context of IoT-based production, this connection method takes the lead, sidelining traditional conveyor belts in current setups. We find significant advantages in terms of flexibility, space efficiency, and the just-in-time delivery of goods to machines. Alongside automating demo line equipment, we’re also lending our expertise in shingle technology to the consortium, helping with product definitions, and crafting prototypes for the demo installations.

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“The SPHINX-project offers us the opportunity to already today explore future technologies that will be the standard in tomorrow’s production.”

Project progress

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