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Organisation Introduction

HELIUP is a company that develops and produces photovoltaic solutions for large roofs on buildings (commercial, industrial, logistics, local authorities, etc.). The company’s ambition is to enable massive, decentralised deployment of low-carbon energy production systems with reduced environmental impact. In response to the incompatibility between conventional photovoltaic solutions and large metal-framed buildings, HELIUP has developed and produced an innovative lightweight panel technology based on several CEA patents. The solution achieves a 60% weight reduction while maintaining high performance and durability standards. HELIUP is working with major players in the building sector to offer a solution that can be integrated and insured, enabling the plant owner to optimise energy costs.



In Europe, hundreds of millions of m² of commercial, industrial and logistics roofs cannot be covered by conventional photovoltaic solutions due to load constraints. The solution developed by Heliup makes it possible to meet this need. Heliup’s interest in taking part in the SPHINX project is to be able to integrate matrix shingle technology into its modules in order to increase their yield, but also to make them more robust in the face of shading. This last point makes the solution even more reliable from an insurance point of view.

Involvement in SPHINX?

Heliup’s role in the project will be to integrate into its modules the components developed within the consortium, and in particular the matrix shingle technology, in order to validate compatibility with the roofing application. Performance/reliability tests will be carried out at the CEA. At the end of the project, a 100 kWp demonstrator (around 300 panels) will be installed on a large building rooftop.

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“The SPHINX-project will allow us to propose a lightweight solar panel even more performant, secured and durable for large building rooftops.”

Project progress

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