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Freesuns SA

Organisation Introduction


Freesuns designs, engineers and installs beautifully integrated solar roof tiles for residential, commercial and heritage buildings.

Our solar tiles are available in a range of unique colours and finishes suitable for both modern and traditional architecture enabling solar on your roof without compromising the look of your building. Our small-format tiles pre-cut in different shapes, enable maximum solar cell coverage, power generation and visual appeal, while working around roof obstacles. Our solar tiles can be easily installed by traditional roofers on existing roof structures.

The first Freesuns roof was installed in 2016 on the home of founder and CTO John Morello. Freesuns SA was then established in Switzerland in 2019 and has now sold more than 100 Solar Roof projects in Switzerland.


Freesuns decided to participate in the Sphinx project for many reasons.

  • Our R&D partner is CSEM since 2017 and we have an excellent professional working partnership in place.
  • After a visit to M10 and F-ISE in late 2022 it was clear the matrix shingling technology would be a very good fit for use in Freesuns solar tiles. It would negate the need to completely redesign the Freesuns solar tile library every time there is a solar cell design change.
  • The SPHINX project is perfectly aligned with the objective of Freesuns which is to continue to develop premium BIPV product with high performance and strong aesthetic while exploring manufacturing in Europe and potential cost reduction.
  • The matrix shingling technology will give us the opportunity to be even more flexible with the size of our modules while having stronger shading resilience and a beautiful cell matrix without any silver lines.
  • We are passionate supporters of the concepts of automated and flexible manufacturing in Europe which will help us democratize our Solar Tiles and make them available to anyone who wants to add clean power generation to their home without compromising the architectural integrity of the building.

Involvement in SPHINX?

Freesuns role in SPHINX is to assist with the design and development of the 20MW flexible BIPV line, provide raw materials and technical support as necessary. Freesuns will integrate the new technologies developed into our solar tiles and demonstrate the viability of the product by installing it on two buildings – one heritage building and one new residential building’s roof & façade. Freesuns will assist and provide support in the analysis and reporting phases. Freesuns can also assist in the commercialization of new technologies developed from the SPHINX project.

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“The SPHINX project helps Freesuns make large progress in research and development of  a new generation of solar tile utilizing matrix shingling technology on a flexible BIPV manufacturing line.  The Sphinx project creates the opportunity to explore fully automated manufacturing in Europe with cutting edge matrix shingling solar technology that may bring the manufacturing costs including transport to a lower level than manufacturing in Asia with improved aesthetics and great energy generation performance/m2.”

Project progress

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