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Organisation Introduction

Etway is an Italian company born with the aim of connecting the transport sector with that of energy and finance. Etway has developed, patented and certified the first photovoltaic noise panel in Italy with the Sound Solar Panel product brand. More recently it has developed a new model of photovoltaic system, borrowing the know-how of the acoustic panel, and has optimized upward energy development, creating the SalvaTerra photovoltaic fence. Over the years it has carried out various supplies and installations for both public and private entities with full customer satisfaction.


Our company decided to participate in the SPHINX project because its objective from the beginning was to work in the infrastructure sector with a focus on innovation and sustainability. Our objectives are those that all the subjects of the Consortium have shared for this project and as Etway we are happy to be able to collaborate with research centers and important companies in the renewable energy sector. Our goal, thanks to SPHINX, is to create an innovative product that is technically and economically sustainable and marketable on a large scale.

Involvement in SPHINX?

Etway will develop for SPHINX a solution that can combine noise protection and clean energy production, by carrying out a demonstrative of noise barrier composed by three stretches: Sound-absorbing panels integrated with photovoltaic modules, transparent sound-insulating sheets with bifacial PV modules, plastic sound-absorbing panel made of transparent material integrated with PV modules. The third stretch is the real innovation introduced by the demo, it is a synthesis of the first two concepts and it is composed by a triangular shaped plastic panel made of transparent material and integrated with custom bifacial/semitransparent PV modules.

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“We want to take the opportunity offered by SPHINX to collaborate with important players in the panorama of renewable energy and sustainability and together develop innovative solutions at the service of infrastructures.”

Project progress

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