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Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Organisation Introduction

EPFL is one of the most cosmopolitan and dynamic technological universities in Europe, with more than 120 nationalities. EPFL has both a Swiss and an international vocation and focuses on three fundamental missions: teaching, research and innovation. The Laboratory of Photovoltaics and Thin Film Electronics (PV-lab), located in Neuchâtel and directed by Prof. Christophe Ballif since 2004, has pioneered several processes for the preparation of thin film silicon, a simple fabrication method for silicon heterojunction cells and, more recently, new processing of perovskite solar cells.


SPHINX is of great importance for EPFL PV-lab, as the ultimate goal of photovoltaic innovations is to be adopted and accepted by the market on a large scale in order to reach the sustainability targets worldwide. As an academic research institute, our interest is to demonstrate the feasibility of 5 different aesthetic products while providing sufficient energy. In addition, the project’s aim to develop new anti-glare coatings and functionalised encapsulants is in line with the Institute’s mission to demonstrate their reliability and durability in both indoor and outdoor tests. The SPHINX project fits well with our mission to develop new technologies that increase the efficiency of photovoltaics while improving their aesthetics for better market integration.

Involvement in SPHINX?

EPFL PV-lab will contribute with its expertise in reliability testing and outdoor monitoring to the assessment of the five different innovative PV products. In particular, EPFL PV-Lab will lead the group about demonstration and validation of SPHINX technologies. The laboratory will also help to develop and validate advanced material characterisation of the new coatings and functionalised encapsulants progressed within the scope of the project, with the final aim to find the final bill of materials (BOM). Finally, the Institute will develop a new simulation tool for the energy yield prediction of solar panels.

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“The SPHINX project helps us to develop and demonstrate innovative PV products with improved aesthetics and functionality to increase their market acceptance.”

Project progress

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