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CSEM (Centre Suisse d'Électronique et de Microtechnique)

Organisation Introduction

CSEM is a Swiss technology innovation center developing advanced technologies with a high societal impact, which it then transfers to industry to strengthen the economy. The non-profit orientated, public-private organization is internationally recognized, and works to support the disruptive activities of companies in Switzerland and abroad. CSEM operates in the domains of precision manufacturing, digitalization, and sustainable energy. In the latter domain, our expertise spans the entire PV value chain from crystalline silicon and perovskite cells. Our capabilities encompass technological development, product prototyping and full-scale demonstration systems. Equipped with a cutting-edge infrastructure, including specialty systems for coating developments, encapsulation formulation and extrusion and fabrication processes, we deliver end-to-end solutions, driving sustainable impact.


Our organization is enthusiastic about participating in the SPHINX project for several compelling reasons. The primary objective of SPHINX is to pioneer the development of pre-fabricated, modular Building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) elements, utilizing disruptive matrix shingling interconnection technology from the innovative German company M10 and embedding new functional foils and coatings developed at CSEM. This aligns seamlessly with our organization’s mission to pioneer sustainable and innovative construction practices by leveraging European advancements and fostering the growth of the local solar ecosystem through collaborative efforts.

SPHINX’s focus on flexible production pilot lines and various-sized BIPV elements resonates with our commitment to cost-effective and rapid construction in building and infrastructure projects. Additionally, the project’s emphasis on lightweight panels, semi-transparent modules, and modular tiles with multiple functionalities complements our vision for energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing construction solutions. Furthermore, the SPHINX project’s goal of bringing BIPV product fabrication and the entire supply chain back to Europe from the US and China aligns with our dedication to supporting European industries. By participating in SPHINX, we aim to contribute significantly to the advancement of sustainable construction practices in Europe.

Involvement in SPHINX?

CSEM is involved in the development of novel functional encapsulant layers. First, a front UV downshifting layer will boost the module power and protect the module from UV degradation. Second, a colored rear infrared reflecting layer that will boost the bifacial gain of the module as well as reduce the temperature behind the panel will be engineered. We will also develop two types of coatings: an anti-glare coating to avoid undesired reflection and give a nice hazy aspect and an anti-fouling coating to prevent soiling to degrade the module performance. Finally, scale-up of those developments will be done at CSEM.

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“The SPHINX project embodies our dedication to driving innovation in sustainable energy within the construction industry. We take great pride in contributing to this transformative voyage towards more energy-efficient and economically viable construction practices.”

Project progress

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