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French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission

Organisation Introduction

CEA is a public Research and Technology Organization (RTO). With a staff of about 20’000 employees, annual budget of 5 billion Euros (2019), over 700 priority patents per year and 178 high-tech spin-offs since its creation, CEA represents today the largest technology R&D provider in France, with main role to transfer this know-how to the industry at national and international scale. The R&D activities in CEA aim to develop integrate and transfer science and technology, to address key EU challenges and priorities (low carbon energies, defense and security, information and healthcare technologies) and to exploit opportunities for new wealth creation, improved standards of living, and economic competitiveness. In this context, CEA has established long-term and diligent partnerships with key players along the whole innovation chains in multiple technology segments, from fundamental to technological research; from product and process development to prototyping and demonstration; and towards full-scale implementation and commercialization in the public and private sectors.


SPHINX is a project where R&D activities on specific photovoltaic modules are carried out evolving key role players in Europe. Heliup is new French startup from CEA dealing with lightweight technology adapted to cover building rooftops. The reduction of weight is key but also the guarantee to reach expected performances regarding reliability and bankability standpoints is a priority. CEA and specifically its Solar Technologies Department (DTS), at campus INES (French Institute of Solar Energy), covering the whole value chain of solar PV electricity, i.e. from materials, cells and modules to solar PV and storage systems, novel PV applications will bring its support.

Involvement in SPHINX?

Heliup which is a startup inherited from CEA R&D developments on lightweight modules technology. CEA will characterize the PV modules with its dedicated indoor facility. Reliability will be addressed through specific test campaigns with a focus on shadings, soiling. CEA will specify and install an outdoor monitoring with data treatment platform for the performances analysis of a 100KW system. Diagnosis will be manage with adapted solutions. A simulation will be carried out with a focus on optical & thermal modelling of the technology.

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“The SPHINX project is a privilege for CEA to continuously improve and promote the lightweight modules technology with key role players in Europe. It is also a great opportunity to reinforce the support of the industrial partner Heliup.”

Project progress

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