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Organisation Introduction

Becquerel Institute is a strategic consulting company and an applied research institute, specialized in solar photovoltaics and the energy transition. With a unique expertise at the crossroads of technology, economic and policy analysis, the Becquerel Institute provides strategic advice to companies and research organisations in Europe, America, Asia and Africa on all segments of the PV value chain and supports numerous international organizations.


Becquerel Institute believes that photovoltaics are a fundamental part of our built environment, as land consumption for energy reaches socially acceptable limits in the coming years, building and infrastructure integrated PV will be both necessary to reach our climate target goals but also to allow all consumers to generate electricity at their point of consumption, even in heritage areas. The development and commercialization of BIPV and IIPV products for unique built environments across Europe in a cost effective but also socially and environmentally acceptable way is imperative. We believe that the technical innovations and the investment in social and environmental studies in Sphinx will lead to products that meet these criteria.

Involvement in SPHINX?

We will work with project partners to draw clear paths to market for their products, whilst our work with building, construction and installation professionals will help lead to sustainable, maintainable photovoltaic systems. Becquerel Institute will actively contribute to the project by formulating a comprehensive exploitation plan and implementing robust strategies for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection. Our involvement extends to evaluating the cost competitiveness of Integrated Photovoltaic (IPV) solutions, conducting Life Cycle Cost (LCC) analyses, assessing Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) and developing innovative business models. Additionally, we will provide valuable insights into eco-design, offering recommendations to enhance the project’s environmental sustainability. Through these activities, we aim to foster the project’s success and contribute to the advancement of sustainable energy solutions.

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“The SPINX project allows us to use our market intelligence and life cycle analyses expertise to support our partners technical innovations and clear commitment to developing quality, long life, sustainable and socially acceptable integrated photovoltaic solutions.”

Project progress

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