EU Solar Buildings Strategy Day and Platform

The SEAMLESS-PV project and Solar Power Europe are organizing a very interesting event: the EU Solar Buildings Strategy Day in Brussels.

The event, scheduled in person for Wednesday February 21st 2024, will gather industry experts, manufacturers, research institutes, and decision-makers from solar and construction sectors to discuss crucial developments on the integration of photovoltaics into building structures (BIPV). Against the backdrop of the recent finalization of the EPBD and the ambitious EU Solar Strategy, the workshop aims to define priorities and solutions for solar buildings, with a strong emphasis on the massive deployment of solar PV energy in Europe.

The Agenda covers key topics related with the imperative to equip new buildings with solar across all segments. The event will explore opportunities to encourage the use of solar as building material, addressing the urgent need for a substantial scale-up and capacity of BIPV in Europe. Additionally, discussions will revolve around making production capacity widely available and affordable, fostering a resilient and competitive “made in Europe” BIPV industry. Exploring the need for qualified workers in Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) with robust cross-sectoral synergies, will be also a key topic addressing how to ensure skilled building professionals.

Registrations are available here.

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